We have carefully selected our collection with the best designs from famous European factories, allows you to proceed to the perfect solution for your own personal choice and space. The knowledge and many years of our experience will help you solve all your questions regarding the quality, the mass of the tiles and the various technical market conditions, materials and ways of positioning and finding specialized technicians, if you wish.


For those wanting the classic glossy surface in the area, we chose from the best European factories supplying tiles of all sizes,and many colour combinations. With limitless options through many different designs in marble type tiles, from elegant white through to darker shades of beige-brown, with large tiles total white, to gloss type and black and all pastel or bright colours with quality and unbeatable prices, we can assure you the perfect choice for your own personal requirements.


One of the options that we provide you, with our extensive collection, are the tiles with satin matt surface. Minimal and abstract in many shades of grey, or classic in unlimited earthy tones, this collection is aimed at those who want a timeless choice for the tiles of the interior, and simultaneously provide the ultimate combination of quality and aesthetics, always at the best prices.

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